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Spa Cover Template Instructions

Spas and hot tubs of an unusual shape, non-symmetrical or inground free-form, will require a full size template in order to make a properly fitting, prefect cover. A template is simply a full size tracing of the actual shape and size the cover will be made to.

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The best material for making a template is a clear piece of plastic. A 2mil - 4mil thick painting drop cloth, available from any hardware store works just fine.

  1. Carefully stretch the plastic across the spa, making sure it's taut with no wrinkles. Using thumb tacks or tape hold the plastic securely in place.
  2. With an indelible marker (sharpie) carefully trace the outline of the desired cover. REMEMBER, the cover will be made to the shape you trace (we'll straighten out any waviness in the lines)! DO NOT trace the opening of the spa, or the cover will fit inside the spa! For inground (concrete) spas the cover should overlap the edge of the spa at least 2" (more overlap will lessen the chance of the cover falling into the spa when being put back on).
  3. Draw a dotted line to indicate the direction and approximate location of the fold (We'll center the fold on covers that are up to 8' across. Larger covers will be in two pieces, with each piece folding in half).
  4. While the plastic is still stretched across the spa, write your name, phone number and "This is the TOP" on the top surface of the plastic so we know which side is up and your cover does not arrive upside down.
  5. If you want only a partial skirt, indicate it's location and the length. If there's no skirt, or a skirt that encompasses the entire perimeter of the spa cover, this can be omitted from the template.
  6. Indicate the location of any handles, and the location and length of any tie-downs.


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