Extreme Spa Cover Quick Specs

Insulating Foam -------- 4"x2" or 6"x4" virgin, expanded polystyrene (EPS). 1, 1�, 2 or 3 pound density.
Vinyl ------------------- Marine Grade 30 oz., polyester reinforced w/ 1500 hour UV rating.
Vapor Barrier ---------- 6 mil. heat sealed w/ double wrap option.
Underside Material ----- double laminated, reinforced, chemical and ozone resistant 10 oz. scrim.
Hinge ------------------- 4 layer reinforced single hinge. 100% insulated with a Continuous Hinge Seal.
Reinforcement ---------- 37 points of reinforcement including 20 gauge C-channel reinforcement of the foam.
Tie Down Straps ------- Completely integrated into the cover for exceptional strength, w/ all necessary hardware.
Handles ---------------- Also completely integrated into the cover for exceptional strength.
Thread ----------------- 93# UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester thread.
Warranty --------------- 4 year full (not pro-rated) warranty.







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