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Superlift 2

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The Super Lift 2 adjusts to fit any cover up to 99". It's tension springs assist lifting your cover not only off, but back on your spa as well. The cover is then stored alongside in as little as 15" of clearance. Made of powder coated light weight steel tubing, it comes to you 90% pre-assembled. Please note this cover lift will only work on spas that are at least 27" high.

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Installation / Operating requirements and limitations

rear clearance side clearance spa/cabinet shape limitations mounting location spa corner shape limitations type of lift assistance min. [max.]cover width
15" 18"   side only   tension springs  

See the complete Cover Lift Configurater to compare all cover lifters side by side.


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Superlift 2 Installation Instructions

superlift2-unboxed.jpg (13567 bytes)
What's actually inside the box.

Minimum Height Requirement:
A minimum of 26.5 inches is required from the pivot point (A) to the eyebolt (D). Installing lift on spa with less than this minimum height requirement could result in injury, and improper function of the unit.

WARNING! Failure to follow the instructions carefully could result in injury. Please read all instructions before attempting the installation on use of this product.

The following hardware is included in your Superlift2 package:

superlift2-2.gif (11183 bytes)

Items not pictured: Two springs, two spring bracket sets, two pivot arms, two handle bars and one torsion bar.

The following tools are needed to install your Superlift2:

- Power drill with 5/16" drill bit.
- Socket wrench with 1/2" and 9/16" sockets.
- Large head Phillips screw driver.
- Awl
- Tape measure
- Level

Many of the steps below show the installation of your cover lift on one side of your hot tub. To complete your installation, repeat the same steps on the opposite side of your hot tub.

1. Measure the width of your spa from the outside of the shell (do not measure the width of the cabinet). Use the chart below to determine the correct spot at which to mount the Pivot Bracket and the Eye Bolt to the spa's cabinet.

superlift2-1.gif (38279 bytes)

2. On the bottom of the graph, locate the  size of your hot tub.

3. Follow your size up the graph until it intersects with the diagonal line.

4. At this point on the diagonal line move left to the side of the graph to determine the number of inches (A) from the spas center point (B) to mark the centerpoint of the Pivot Bracket for mounting (see figure 1 below).

5. Holding the Pivot Bracket in place, mark each of the holes for pre-drilling.

6. To locate the point to mount the eye bolt to the base of the spa, start at the edge of the mounted Pivot Bracket nearest the center line of the  spa (C), and drop straight down (perpendicular to the base) to the 2 x 4 base support of the spa cabinet. Mark and mount the eye bolt at this point (D).

superlift2-3.gif (1572 bytes)

Important Points of Installation:

A.) Centerpoint of bracket: this is a point measured back from the tub's center.
B.) Centerline of hot tub: the diameter of the tub divided in half.
C.) Right edge of pivot bracket.
D.) Point to mount eye bolt.


Once you have located your pivot point and pre-drilled your holes, you are ready to install your Superlift2.
  1. Remove the pre-assembled pivot arms from the box. Mount the Pivot Arm and attached Pivot Bracket to the pre-drilled holes using lag bolts (Figure 2). Install one pivot arm of each side of the hot tub.
  2. Place the cover on the spa and fold it back into a half open position.
  3. (Figure 3) Remove the nut and washer from the phil pan screw that is used to connect the Extension Bar to the Pivot Bar. If the plastic collar on the extension bar pops out, simply push it back into place. Pull the Extension Bar out until the small Hinge Bar lines up with the hinge or centerpoint of the cover. Repeat steps 1 and 3 on the other side of the spa.
  4. (Figure 4) Once the proper length of the Extension Bar has been determined, insert the phil pan screw through the Pivot Bar, and using the nylon hex nut tighten them down with a 1/2" socket or wrench and a large hear phillips screw driver. Repeat steps on the other side of the spa.
  5. Tighten the Small Hinge Bar with a 1/2" socket or wrench and a large hear phillips screw driver. Repeat steps on the other side of the spa.
superlift2-4.gif (46675 bytes)

superlift2-5.gif (10402 bytes)

superlift2-6.gif (12555 bytes)

superlift2-7.gif (130640 bytes)6. (Figure 5 & 6) Close the cover over the spa. The Small Hinge Bar will fall into place under the hinge.
7. Remove two Handle Bars and one Torsion Bar from the box.
8. Position one Handle Bar on top of the cover hinge, and into the Saddle. Insert one 2-1/2" phil pan screw through the Handle Bar and tighten into Saddle with provided nylock hex nut.
9. Insert square Torsion Bar into mounted side Handle Bar. Place the other end of the Torsion Bar into the other side's Handle Bar, making sure to insert equal amounts of the square torsion bar into each Handle Bar.
10. Now install the remaining Handle Bar onto the Saddle on the opposite side of the spa. Insert one 2-1/2" phil pan screw through the Handle Bar and tighten into Saddle with provided nylock hex nut.
11. Fold cover back over the Handle Bar.

Installing Springs to Spring Brackets

PARTS: There are two springs and sets of spring brackets, two brackets per set. One for each side of the spa cabinet. Both sets or spring brackets are pre-assembled to each pivot arm.


  1. (Figure 7) Insert the Spring Bracket into inside of the Spring. If inserted properly, the Hook on the Spring will be located between the two spring bracket halves.
  2. Attach Spring Hook to Eye Bolt (Figure 8).
  3. Position Spring Hook in a neutral position between the Spring Bracket's halves and insert, from front to back, one washer and a clevis pin only, then try the Suprelift2 to see if the tension on the Spring is correct for the size and weight of your cover. If it is not correct, move the hook and the clevis pin up or down the Spring Bracket until the optimum lift assistance is obtained.
  4. Once you have selected the proper location on the Spring Bracket for the Spring Hook and the clevis pin, install the second washer and black cap nut on the clevis pin.
superlift2-9.gif (56549 bytes)


superlift2-10.gif (40577 bytes)

superlift2-11.gif (197454 bytes)
Assembled Superlift2 with cover in 3/4 open position



  1. Before lifting the cover, make sure there is nothing on the cover.
  2. Look to see that there is no overhead obstruction that could interfere with the covers trajectory (lights, branches, wires, etc.)
  3. To lift the cover, fold it in half, simply grab a hold of either Handle Bar, and lift in an upward motion.
  4. The spring assisted pivot arm of the Superlift2 will provide the necessary power to assist in lifting the cover.
  5. Bring the cover to it's full open position, slightly past 90 degrees, so that it hangs just beyond the edge of the hot tub. The cover should not touch the ground.