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Swim Spa Covers


Customer Comments

These swim spa covers are very unique and designed to last! Created from a combination of our Deluxe and Extreme spa covers, they are fully tapered from 6" in the center to 2" at the outer edge.

Spas longer than 8' (such as swimspas) generally pose a problem when it comes to insulating covers. Because the foam for the cores only comes 4' wide, spa covers longer than 8' require more than two panels. The challenge is with the center panels. While the outer two panels are supported by the spa on three side, the inner panels are only supported at the edges. Because of this, the center panels have a tendency to sag. We take some extra precautions to help prevent this.

First of all, we highly recommend against three panel covers. Even though a 12' long spa can be covered with a three panel cover (and initially save a bit of money), a four panel cover has smaller center panels which gives them more strength and less tendency to sag. All our swimspa covers are made up of four panels!

Secondly, our center panels are made with a TAPERED foam. While the outer panels are made from 4" to 2" tapered, 1.5 pound density, we use 6" to 4" tapered, 1 pound density foam for the center panels. THIS GIVES YOU A FULLY TAPERED COVER. While most others use a flat 4" foam for the center panels, a fully tapered cover allows for proper water run off, and it's standing rain water that frequently causes the center panels of other covers to sag and then break.

The center panels are also reinforced with metal C-channel on BOTH sides. While this may seem like an obvious necessity for strength, it's frequently overlooked.

Find your shape below and choose the options you want. Please feel free to call us if necessary. Please note, these covers are made to your specification and measurements, we can not be responsible for miss-measured covers.

Order your new swim spa cover up to 16'

If the shape or size of cover for your swimspa isn't listed, please call us. Anything and everything is possible.

In order to assure a proper fitting cover please carefully measure your spa and fill in the following form. All measurements must be in inches. Please note; these covers are made to YOUR specifications, and we can not take responsibility for miss-measurements!

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Step 1. From the picture below choose the shape of your cover.


Swim spa cover shapes

Step 2. Fill in the measurements X and Y, in inches, that corresponds to that shape. Please use only whole inches. Covers with measurements 192" or less are $679.95 including delivery.


Swim Spa Cover sizing

Step 3. Choose the shape of your cover's corners.

Corner Shape:

Swimspa Cover corner shape

Step 4. Fill in the dimension Z of the radius, OR the length of the cut corner in inches, as pictured, above ( hint: if the number you give is larger than the correct dimension the cover may not properly fit. If in doubt make the radius or cut corner a little smaller and the cover should fit ok ). If the corners of your cover are square please enter 0 (zero).


Step 5.. From the picture below, covers generally have a "skirt" of fabric hanging down the side to cover and protect the edge of your spa (some spas that are flush to a deck may require no skirt, if so choose none), please select that measurement below.

Cover Skirt Length

Skirt Length:

Step 6. These covers come standard with 8 latching straps that are 8" long (see picture below). If you prefer, you may enter your choice for a different length. Additional straps, and the precise location is also possible, but requires ordering by phone.

Spa Cover Skirt Length

Strap Length:

Step 7. From the picture below choose a color (please note, actual colors may vary slightly from how they appear on your computer).


Step 8. Please list any special instructuons

Special Instructions:

Step 9. Please double and triple check your measurements. If in doubt please don't hesitate to call us. Once again, we can not be responsible for miss-measured covers. By completing the check out procedure you are committing to purchasing this cover exactly as you have specified. Covers are put into production almost immediately and any changes you request after placing your order will be subject to an additional $50.00 charge. Click the button below, and you're done.


After clicking the button above, return to this page and scroll down past this
point to add any of the Special Offers or Upgrades and Options that you'd like.

Cover Upgrades and Options
(add-ons for the above cover)

Does your friend, neighbor, relative or coworker also need a new cover? Order 2 covers and have them shipped to the SAME address, and we'll take $50.00 off the total price. If you have them shipped to a business address, we'll include the "Double Wrapped Foam Cores" (description below) on both of them. The covers don't have to be the same shape or size, but if you choose different options for them, you'll need to call us, or explain which cover gets which option in the comments field of the final order form.

Double Wrapped Foam Cores

The main defense of the cover's core absorbing water is the vapor barrier surrounding the foam. Double wrapping the foam cores (adding a second sealed 6 mil vapor barrier) can double the life span of a cover.


Higher Density Foam Cores

Upgrading from the foam density will make your cover almost 50% stronger. This is recommended for areas where significant amounts of snow (also pets and children) regularly accumulate on the cover. The outer panels are upgraded from #1-1/5 pound foam to #2, and the inner panels from #1 to #1-1/2. Because of the strain of the additional weight of this cover, the "Reinforced Hinge" option below is included with this option.


Reinforced Hinge

Additionally reinforcing the hinge makes it virtually impervious to the stress and strain caused by many cover lifters. This upgrade consists of additional re-enforcement running the entire length of the hinge and provides exceptional strength!


Please allow approximately 4 weeks from time of order to delivery of insulating spa covers (less in the off-season, possibly slightly longer in-season).
Once again, these covers are made to your specifications, we can not be responsible for miss-measured covers