DELUXE & EXTREME Insulating Spa Covers

Specifically designed for frigid Canadian winters, all insulating covers
include FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the contiguous United States !

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For spas over 8' (up to 9') in length, please the Extreme Stretch Spa Cover HERE.
Swim Spa covers, up to 16' in lengh, can be found HERE

Order your new spa cover up to 8' (96")

Step 1. Please begin by chosing the thickness and density of the spa cover foam.


Step 2. From the picture below choose the shape of your spa cover. Click the shape of your cover for detailed measuring instructions.

Click on the shape of your cover for detailed measuring instructions

Step 3. Fill in the measurements X and Y, in inches, that corresponds to that shape. Please use only whole inches with a maximum of 96".

X: Y:


Step 4. Choose the shape of your spa cover corners.


Step 5. Fill in the dimension Z of the radius or the rounded corner, OR the length of the diagonal cut corner in inches ( hint: if the number you give is larger than the correct dimension the cover may not properly fit you spa. If in doubt make the radius or cut corner a little smaller and the spa cover should fit ok ). If the corners of your spa cover are square please enter 0 (zero).


Step 6. Choose the length of the skirt.

Step 7. Enter the length (in inches) of the locking tie-down straps.

Step 8. Choose your desired location of the tie-down straps.


Step 9. From the picture below choose a color (click a color to view a larger sample, and please note, actual colors may vary slightly from how they appear on your computer).


Double Wrapped Foam Cores:

Reinforced Hinge:

Tornado Tie Downs:

Hot Spring / Caldera coverlift
mounting plates



Floating Blanket:

Cover Lifter:

Step 10. Please list any special instructions.

Step 11. Please double and triple check your measurements. If in doubt please don't hesitate to call us. Once again, we can not be responsible for miss-measured covers. By completing the check out procedure you are committing to purchasing this cover exactly as you have specified. Covers are put into production almost immediately and any changes you request after placing your order will be subject to an additional $50.00 charge. Click the button below, and you're done.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks from time of order to delivery of insulating spa covers (less in the off-season, possibly slightly longer in-season).
Once again, these spa covers are made to your specifications, we can not be responsible for miss-measured spa covers

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