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Spa Cover Cap

Constructed of heavy-duty reinforced woven polyethylene, the rugged Spa Cover Cap is designed to protect your hot tub and spa cover from harsh weather, dirt and debris. The Spa Cover Cap is extremely strong, completely waterproof and designed to work in all climates. Resistant to damage from the suns UV rays, the Spa Cover Cap protects your expensive insulating cover from tree sap, ice, snow, harsh rain and intense sun.. The Spa Cover Cap is also shrink proof, mildew proof, rot resistant and tear resistant. The thread used in it's s construction is the same as in our high quality insulating covers, a 93 pound, UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester thread. The Spa Cover Cap is available in two standard sizes with a 12" elastic hemed skirt. The elastic hem makes it a breeze to put on and remove The Spa Cover Cap.

  • Works in all climates.
  • Heavy Duty, Reinforced Woven Polyethylene.
  • Built in UV inhibitors reflects sunlight and protect against damaging UV rays.
  • Protects Spa and Cover from sun, ice, snow and rain.
  • Elastic hem makes for easy removal and installation.
  • Available in two standard sizes to fit most spas.
7'x7' @ $59.99
8'x8' @ $69.99

303 protectant

303 Aerospace Protectant

Routine use of 303 Protectant keeps vinyl looking like new, reduces UV damage and maintains a like-new color, while dramatically extending its useful life. This beautifying liquid sunscreen is the finest protector there is for all vinyl products.

8oz. @ $7.89
16oz. @ $13.89
2 or more $12.19 each

cover tie down

Hurricane Tie-Down Strap

Each year, thousands of spa covers are blown off spas and destroyed or damaged by high winds and stormy weather. If the posibility of this problem exists where you live, here's the answer. These 1" wide black nylon straps are super-strong, and offer an extra level of protection and safety for your hot tub, above and beyond the standard tie-down-straps that come with covers.

At 14' long, they are easily retrofitted to any spa cover. The unique locking latches make for complete adjustability and ease of use.

Hurricane Tie-Down Strap $24.95
2 or more $19.95 each

hot tub cover locks

Tie-down Buckles

This replacement set of spa cover tie-down buckles come complete with four locking buckles, 2 keys and twelve stainless steel screws. Includes comprehensive instructions covering easy replacement even if sewn into the straps.

$13.99 each

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Floating Blanket Leash

If you use a cover lifter and a floating blanket this is something you wont know how you ever did without. The Floating Blanket Leash attaches your floating blanket to your spa cover so that when you open your cover, and remove it with the cover lifter, the floating blanket is automatically removed at the same time. No longer will you need to manually remove your floating blanket, and figure out where to put it when you use your spa. Your floating blanket will also remain clean since it will be gently hanging over your insulating cover on top of the cover lifter.

$12.95 each

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Spa Cover Tie-down Extender

If the tie-down straps of your spa cover are too short, or the mounting location on your spa for the buckle is inaccessible or damaged, this could solve your problem. 14" long, 1-1/2" wide nylon straps with the female end of the buckle permanently attached. Simply screw the end of the strap up to 14" away from the original location with the include stainless steel hardware for easy installation.

$18.95 each

The Cover Saver

While a spa cover lifter makes removing the cover easier, may spa covers aren't properly designed to handle the added stress that's put upon them.. The Cover Saver removes all the stress from the hinge of the spa cover.

$24.93 each

Spa Cover Wipes

Now there's an easy and quick way to keep your spa cover looking its best. Spa Cover Wipes are ideal for removing the dirt and buildup from your spa cover and restoring its luster.

Spend just a few minutes using these wipes to clean and protect your spa cover. Just wipe down the spa cover with these single use wipes and see how quickly your cover looks new again. Spa Cover Wipes come in an easy to use dispenser with 25 wipes per bottle.


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