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Insulating Spa Cover FAQ

How much does a new cover weigh?
How much weight will a spa cover hold?
What is the importance of a gusseted skirt?
Is heat sealing the inner wrapping important?
Why don't you have a grommet in the drain hole on the bottom of the cover?
What are the ASTM standards for a spa cover and why are they important?
How long should I expect a spa cover to last?
What can I do to extend the life of my spa cover?
How important is the warranty?
How is the R value of a cover determined?
Can I order my spa cover from the make and model of my spa?
How long till I receive my cover after it's ordered?
Do you keep covers in stock to order from?
Why do tie downs rip out?
Can I just replace the foam in my existing cover?
Can I replace only the outer covering on my existing cover?
What causes the underside of some covers to sag and droop into the water?
Why do some spa covers get so heavy as they get older?
Why do some covers use a welt cording?
What have your customers been saying about you?
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