Marine Grade Vinyl

With a weight of 30oz. (per lineal yard), the vinyl of these covers is the heaviest available. It also exceeds the specifications of "Marine Grade Vinyl", and  "Premium Grade Vinyl".

"Marine Grade Vinyl" was developed for the harsh climates of boating and the awning industry. To be classified as a marine grade, the vinyl has to meet certain requirements (whether these requirements are exceeded or not is another story). The vinyl used in our covers exceed all specified requirements of both "Marine Grade Vinyl", and "Premium Grade Vinyl"!

The following are the specifications of the vinyl used in our covers (helpful for making any comparisons);

Unlike some covers where the vinyl cover is heat sealed together, another important feature of these covers is that they are completely double sewn together with the highest quality thread. Heat sealed seams become very brittle in the hot sun and freezing cold.

The vinyl in these covers, besides being the thickest in the industry, also has mildew inhibitors, UV stabilized coloring to prevent fading, increased resistance to chlorine and bromine and is available in 10 colors (see below).

Additionally, the vinyl's backing fabric, is a reinforced, 100% polyester mesh. Unlike cotton backing , it will not rot, is mildew resistant and adds exceptional strength.

Available Colors







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