My personal Experience Getting a Cover Delivered

spa cover delivery
I probably waited too long to replace this old thing. Besides the paint splatter from repainting
the house 2 years ago, I'm sure it now weights more than twice what it did when new.

  • May 18th I ordered the new spa cover.
  • May 28th I received an email from the shipping company with a tracking number.
  • June 9th, just after 9am, the shipping company calls to tell me they wanted to deliver the cover sometime this afternoon, and to check that I'd be here to accept it.
  • At 1:40 their driver Bill calls saying he's right around the corner.

hot tub cover delivery
5 minutes later here they come down the street.

spa lid delivery
Plenty of room to park right in front of the house.

hot tub lid delivery
Not much in there, but there's my brand new spa cover!

delivery5.jpg (52313 bytes)
And the driver puts it right next to the front porch.

delivery6.jpg (42306 bytes)
A brief inspection of  the box, making sure there's no
damage, sign for the delivery, and away goes the truck
delivery7.jpg (59651 bytes)

delivery8.jpg (43854 bytes)

Now this is a beautiful cover. A perfect fit! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! !

Mary B.
Medford Oregon