Cover Comparison Chart

The printable chart below lists our two most common spa covers and should help in your cover comparisons while surfing the net. When printed out (there's a print button at the bottom), it lists all the features of our covers, with room to fill in the features of other covers you find. Once you tire of your quest (we talked to someone once that looked at over 200 web sites shopping for a cover), you can look over the chart and hopefully make an easy decision. We know we offer the finest covers available, and once you truly compare them we think you'll come back. Our web address is Happy cover hunting.




Foam Type virgin, expanded polystyrene (EPS) virgin, expanded polystyrene (EPS)      
Foam Density 1.5 pound (optional 2#) 1.0 pound (optional 1.5#)      
Tapered Foam YES (4" to 2") YES (6" to 4")      
R-Value R-14 @ 40 R-21 @ 40      
Vapor Barrier heat sealed, 6 mil. polyethylene heat sealed, 6 mil. polyethylene      
Optional Double Vapor Barrier YES YES      
Metal Re-enforcement 20 gauge galvanized  c-channel 20 gauge galvanized  c-channel      
Vinyl Marine Grade Vinyl Marine Grade Vinyl      
UV Resistance 1500 Hours 1500 Hours      
Pigment Rating 500 hours 500 hours      
Weight 30 oz. 30 oz.      
Cold Crack Rating -20f -20f      
Colors 10 10      
Thread Type UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester      
Hinge four layers, quadruple stitched four layers, quadruple stitched      
Complete Hinge Seal YES YES      
Tie Down Straps YES - 4 YES - 4      
Price $319.95 $359.95      
Includes Delivery YES YES