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Hot Tub and Spa Cover Lifters

Not only will a cover lift save your aching back but it will lengthen the life of your hot tub spa cover by reducing the wear and tear from dragging it on and off your spa.

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Each of the spa cover lifts we offer here is presented with complete instruction, warranty information and extensive pictures. You can be sure that the spa cover lifter you order is not only the correct cover removal device for your needs, but have a clear understanding of how it works and how it installs before it even arrives at your door! As well as extensive information, we have some of the lowest prices to be found! All of the pricing for our hot tub and spa cover lifts include free shipping to the entire 48 contiguous US states.

These first three spa cover lifters are our most popular, and when ordered
along with a new insulating spa cover are offered at a $10.00 discount ! !

Cover Rock-it
Cover Valet
Cover Valet
Cover Caddy
Cover Caddy

In addition to the three hot tub cover lifters above we also the following spa cover lifts.

cover mate 1
CoverMate I
cover mate 2
CoverMate II
cover mate 3
CoverMate III
cover mate easy
CoverMate Easy
cover mate covershelf
Cover Shelf
cover mate -freestyle
CoverMate Freestyle
tn_ezlift.jpg (1775 bytes)
tn_ideallift.jpg (2241 bytes)
Ideal Lift
tn_superlift2.jpg (2051 bytes)
Superlift 2

Use the Cover Lift Configurater
to find your perfect spa cover lift.

tn_cover-keeper.jpg (1901 bytes)
Cover Keeper