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Cover Caddy

If you want to enjoy your spa with a minimum of effort, the Cover Caddy is for you! No more wrestling with heavy covers or straining your back from awkward lifting. And no more waiting for someone else to help you! With just three simple steps, one person can easily remove and replace their spa cover.


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  1. Raise and open support arms.
  2. Fold the spa cover in half and slide onto support arms.
  3. Push the spa cover downward into it's stored position.

The Cover Caddy is a premium spa cover lift that defines versatility and effortless cover removal. It can be installed on many different spa shapes, including octagons, rounds and spas with large radius corners. The powerful gas spring makes lifting and lowering your spa cover easier than you ever imagined.

- New undermount-cabinet design works with all spas. EVEN ROUND
- Gas spring assisted for effortless spa cover removal.
- Stores cover conveniently to the side/rear of your spa.
- Adjustable - raises or lowers spa cover when stored.
- Constructed of high-grade powder coated aluminum.
- Complete installation within minutes.
- Features an industry leading five year warranty.
- Accommodates spa covers with up to a 6" - 4" tapers.
- 5 year limited warranty.

Easy to Install and Use. The Cover Caddy attaches to the side/back of your portable spa. Once installed, you can remove your cover with ease.

Installation / Operating requirements and limitations

rear clearance side clearance spa/cabinet shape limitations mounting location spa corner shape limitations type of lift assistance min. [max.]cover width
equal to the height of the spa none not for round spas side only none gas shock not applicable [120"]

See the complete Cover Lift Configurater to compare all cover lifters side by side.


return/refund policy

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return/refund policy

Cover Caddy Assembly / Mounting Instructions

Cover Caddy comes preassembled with just final assembly and mounting needed to fully use.

1. When removed from box, main unit is in a closed position (fig.1). Remove safety latch from pin and swing up (shock assisted) pivot arm to horizontal position (fig.2).

2. Position Cover Caddy centered side to side on spa cabinet (on side of spa with 3' clearance). Pivot arm must be even with top rim of spa. Use the 8 wood screws provided when mounting Cover Caddy through the 8 holes on the 2 support bars. MAKE SURE YOU ARE MOUNTING TO SUPPORT BEAMS (under outside cabinet). IF you cannot locate support beams or none are available to mount to, mount (2) 2x2 wood sticks to spa cabinet first, then mount Cover Caddy to 2x2s (fig.3).


3. Make sure Cover Caddy is level and even with the top rim of the spa so that when spa cover is removed,the cover will slide smoothly onto Cover Caddy.




4. After Cover Caddy is mounted to spa, remove pin from cover bracket and depress button on cover bracket. Insert tube end into right pivot arm (fig.4). The right side cover bracket has the button on the right side when vertical (see diagram). Slide cover bracket in until the button pops out in the hole third from the end (final adjustment will be determined by ground clearance when Cover Caddy is closed). Reinsert pin in the hole 1 back from button on the inside edge. Install left cover bracket in the 3 dame way and hole position.


5. Now is the time to check the hole position on pivot arm. Depress button on right cover bracket and rotate bracket inward (pin remains in position). Repeat step on left cover bracket. Now push down evenly on Cover Caddy to swing into closed position. Cover brackets should not hit the ground when closed (fig.5). Always secure safety latch on pin when Cover Caddy is in the closed position.

6. Return Cover Caddy to horizontal position and swing cover brackets to vertical position until but tons pop out in holes. Now you are ready to remove spa cover from spa, onto the Cover Caddy.

7. Fold back spa cover at the seam and simply slide cover straight back into the cover brackets. The spa cover can be "slid back" from either the side or back. Once the spa cover is all the way back into the cover brackets (fig.6), push evenly on back edge of spa cover or cover brackets to swing down the Cover Caddy into closed position. That's all there is to it! When you are done enjoying your spa, swing Cover Caddy up to horizontal position and reposition spa cover.

*Note: If Cover Caddy is not opening or closing properly (too fast or too slow),the shock on the Cover Caddy can be adjusted to another hole on the "T bar". For a heavier spa cover, move to a hole closer to the spa cabinet. For a lighter spa cover, move the hole farther out. The shock comes installed in the proper hole for an average weight spa cover.

You can print this page if needed, or also
download the instructions in a PDF file for Acrobatreader.


return/refund policy